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Ruth Minnick

Senior Associate - Unispace

Originally hailing from the Motor City, Ruth has been in the Interior Design industry for over 16 years. She understands what it takes to transform environments to realize their full potential. As a Senior Associate at Unispace with a passion for design, she leverages her experience in the corporate office interiors market to drive business development that advances Unispace’s vision and strategic thinking in the commercial design and construction industry. She’s passionate about personal growth, human potential, sustainability, physical fitness, the study of SEI, leadership and is always seeking new opportunities to learn, grow as a person and give back to her community.

CharityCity Of Hope

You probably didn't know -  A fitness fanatic, Ruth found her niche running track. She’s ran 17 marathons (including 4 Boston Marathons), swam competitively for the Evanston Wild Catfish, completed a full Ironman in 2011 and won Broker Boxing in 2015! When she isn’t work and exercising, she’s also part of an a capella group called the Evolonics, does improv, is a self-proclaimed Star Wars geek and proud new mama!


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