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The Box It Foundation is proud to present Dancing with the Brokers (DWTB), where local real estate and construction professionals come face-to-face in the ultimate dance competition. Each couple will consist of a real estate or construction professional and a professional dancer from the country’s leading dance company, Arthur Murray. The participants will engage in months of training with their professional dance partner in preparation for the main event.

DWTB is following the premise of recent fine arts competition shows such as Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. Each couple will be featured in a video with a brief biography including their company and the charity they are representing. DWTB will feature different event sponsorship opportunities that range from $1,000 to $12,000. Each option offers a unique opportunity for a company to obtain special recognition during the event, unique ad space, dining during the event, and/or premium seating.

During the main event, each dancer will get to perform 2 dances and will be assessed by a panel of professional dance judges.

The following committee is responsible for making sure Dancing with the Brokers is a success.

Eric Nixon - Maron Electric

Tyler Lukacs - Maron Electric

John Meilink - Thompson Printing

Pat Sullivan - The Hill Group

Victoria Navarro - Advocate Aurora Health

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