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Patty Gountanis

Business Development Manager - Rightsize Facility

Patty Gountanis is a Chicago native with a Grecian soul. She grew up the fifth of six daughters to Greek Immigrant Restauranteurs, where she learned early in life that the mastery of hospitality, hard work, and gratitude pays off. She earned a Business Degree in Marketing and went right into contract furniture with over 20 years of experience. She really enjoys meeting new people in various industries and learning about their businesses, while helping them plan and bring to life their new workplace. She feels very fortunate to have a creative outlet in her role, and aligning herself with effective partners in designing the landscape of our city. Patty is a single mother of two young boys, and spends most of her personal time with them. She is an avid wanderlust, a vintage thriller, a foreign film seeker, and believes in an organic and eco-conscious lifestyle. She has always loved music and dancing, as it's the one form of communication and connectivity understood by all ages and ethnicities. Music moves us, it celebrates and it heals, and addresses everything else in between.

CharitySOS Children’s Villages

You probably didn't know - I was born on March 17, St Patricks Day. My mother went into labor and my father drove her to the hospital. He was held back because of traffic for the St Patricks Day Parade, so my father frantically hailed down a police officer and asked for help. The officer directed him him to follow, as he engaged the sirens and drove them straight to the hospital where a team of nurses greeted them. I can say, I was police escorted into this world. Consequently, I have always felt that I had the Luck of the Irish on my side.


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