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Mary Ward

Leopardo Companies, Inc. - Financial Planning and Business Process Analyst

Mary is an old soul at heart. Spoon fed her family’s interests like black and white films, detective movies and partying to disco music, she has appreciation for the classics and thrives outside the box. Like all of her six siblings Mary has not only the smarts as a CPA but also the dancing feet, stage presence and voice to shine above all others. Starting with Irish dancing lessons as a kid to poms and hip hop throughout school, even winning 2nd in state her junior year she has acquired a variety of dance skills. She has experience choreographing on her varsity dance team and high school senior musical. Though visibly proud to be Irish, Mary found a passion in Latin culture and moved on to Latin social dancing followed by Latin ballroom after college.

CharityAmerican Kidney Fund

You probably didn't know -  My favorite vacation was my trip to Italy with my youngest sister Colleen and falling asleep to the sounds of the Trevi fountain right outside our window.


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