Sarah Jakubowski Maraccini

Business Development Director - Whitney Architects

As a naturally shy person, I’m truly breaking out of my comfort zone to participate in this competition. While I do LOVE to dance.. growing-up in a household were we had Friday Night Dance Parties and frequenting the nightclubs of Chicago starting as a teenager (I’m with the DJ), I haven’t performed much in front of an audience. Let’s just say I DID NOT make the Pom Squad in High School. I will share that I did take Belly Dancing for many years in my 20’s – but sadly that was quite some time ago. While I’m not in-it-to-win-it from a dance perspective, I am excited to fundraise and support a charity near and dear to my heart, City of Hope. I am also excited to represent my firm Whitney Architects and hopefully will not fall on my face. I always tell my boys try new things and work hard… hopefully they’ll be proud of their mom for doing the same.

Fun Facts

Wow! I've just discovered how boring I am... my weekends are usually spent @ hockey rinks throughout the Midwest. During my time with City of Hope, I worked with Eric on Broker Boxing for many years. A highlight was trying to find the Ring Girls suitable attire, running in-and-out of stores up-and-down Michigan Avenue the night of the event.



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